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• Solo 2VS2 Tank BALLISTA Hills Of Steel | BALLISTA Tank Battle All Boosters : Hills Of Steel New Upgrade Tank Ballista.
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Hills of Steel is an Editors’ Choice award winning mobile game and for a good reason – it’s probably the most addictive physics based tank action game ever made! And it’s free!
▣ Race your way through the hills and crush your enemies with steel. Collect loot from your fallen enemies and boost your vehicles with the best upgrades and special weapons you can find. Unlock new customizable tanks and brawl your way heroically from one battlefield to another all the way to the futuristic Moon. Earn your stripes by winning one tank battle at a time and climb up the ranks to become the greatest war marshal the world has ever seen!
▣ If you love driving with heavy armored vehicles and shooting waves of relentless enemies, this is your game!
▣ Features:
💣 DESTROY! – Shoot physics based weapon projectiles!
🔓 UNLOCK! – Try out all of the tanks and special abilities!
💪 UPGRADE! – Move faster, do more damage & armor up!
🗺️ ADVENTURE! – Roll out your tank and collect war loot!
🕹️ ARCADE! – Survive the onslaught of the Classic endless mode!
🏅 RANK UP! – Do you have what it takes to become a General?
▣ Hills of Steel is a fun and free-to-play warfare game, but there are optional in-app purchases available for players who want to take the fight even deeper into hostile territory.
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