Candy Crush Soda Saga Special All Combos

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This is Special All Combos in Candy Crush Soda Saga. Watch it!

1. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Sublime Coloring Candy
2. Mix of Double Color Bomb Candy
3. Mix of Double Sublime Coloring Candy
4. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Stripped Candy
5. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Wrapped Candy
6. Mix of Color Bomb Candy and Fishes Candy
7. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Wrapped Candy
8. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Stripped Candy
9. Mix of Sublime Coloring Candy and Fishes Candy


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  • I deleted soda crush

  • Love it!!! ❤️

  • This isnt all 😡

  • cual es el fin del juego? ,qué obtengo con mover los caramelos de un lado a otro ? , no entiendo.-.

  • 0:26 Any Color Jelly Candy + Color Bomb = Jellies and Bombs

    0:56 Any Color Jelly Candy + Any Color Jelly Candy = A Jelly Syndrum

    2:12 Any Color Jelly Candy + Jelly Fish = Jelly Jelly Fish

    3:06 Any Color Jelly Candy + Any Color Wrapped Candy = Exploding Wrappers

    4:03 Color Bomb + Color Bomb = The Color KameKameha

  • minha gente esse jogo é muito bom para quem quer relaxar nessa quarentena né?

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  • I love roblox

  • I love this game gabrielle

  • Woww!! Super:)))

  • I love the first one that clears all the chocolate

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  • level 2235

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  • Level no kitna he Mera tu 1100hu Gaya

  • when you match two color candies

  • Those levels already passed by me