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    First time seeing my gameplay from another perspective. I see where I died too many times. I was kind of hoping you'd upload it just because of that haha.

  • as a serie main, this hurts ;-;

  • CC totem?

  • Lian toxic: auto-aim dmg = 40% health for the average champion, hits you with eminence = another 40%

  • I pick kami

  • The best YouTuber for paladins is hard to decide between Kamivs,Frostfangs and z1uknown

  • Fun fact, Seris and Io can heal through Inara wall.

  • ToniToni

    Author Reply

    Kami watching you play supports actually hurts me. I'm screaming at my screen here, like what was 11:28 ? You have literally a 1 second cooldown on your heal, you see tyra behind you on one health, AND YOU JUST TURN AROUND???? Who does that?
    edit: and at 11:50 you let both tyra and atlas die because you were positioned under the wall, which was obviously the only way tyra and atlas were going to retreat, and you didn't even try and jump to heal them. Oh my god Kami. My support main brain can't handle this

  • Yo I’m on window 10 and I downloaded paladins on epic game. Which gif card should I buy to redeem paladins? Does Microsoft gif card work?

  • Great game for sure and you made Seris feel exciting! 😀

  • GlenoGleno

    Author Reply

    I played against you as a soul collector Seris a few weeks ago in your Drogoz video, and I'm not sure if I'm the annoying and beefy one you're referencing haha but I would love to share my Seris loadout / what I would change with yours!
    Umbral Gait at 4 – gives 32% movement speed instead of the full 40% at 5, but it's still great
    Veil at 3 – you already have this in your loadout
    Blood Pact at 3 – this really helps with your overall sustain, I think it's important to have it at at least 2
    Spirit Leech at 2 – regenerates 4 ammo every 1s while you heal, so you basically reload while also healing your team. gets two things done at once 🙂
    Fade to Black at 3 – I think this card is really important in any Seris loadout. at 3, it reduces the cooldown of your F by 2.4s when you heal. if you're always healing on cooldown, your F will be back up after 3 heals. if you have this card at 4 or 5, it'll be after 2 heals. when your F is more easily available, you'll be more comfortable getting closer to the fight and doing more things!
    With this loadout I've gotten top damage AND top healing many times, which is pretty awesome and busted!
    If you want over 3000 health, I'd replace Veil with Revenant at 3
    I usually start off maxing out Chronos and Nimble, then Cauterize and something else as needed
    if anyone read this, I hope it helps 🙂

  • Awesome u should have more subs❤️

  • I was playing against a Seris who ulted every 15-ish seconds. It was crazy!

  • i love seris

  • I watched the other pov live 😀

  • Seris 😍

  • Kami needs to rock spirit leach talent at level 1, No more reloading like every 2 seconds with seris

  • Kami, replace dark whisper with card that gives you ammo when you heal people. Level one is enough to make you able to pretty much never reload.

  • I use Spirit Leech.
    Instead of reloading, you heal.
    Make it a habit, heal to reload.

  • Pip literally kicked ur ult….he kicked it away !!! PIP OP

  • I don't want to be toxic but Kami please HEAL YOUR TEAM!

  • As a Soul Collector Seris main, I loved watching this!! 😀 Make sure when you're playing her that you really get up in their faces and bully them. You can actually 1v1 most champs are Seris! Keep up the awesome content!

  • i love how Kami says "It's Syberbolt with his lady!"
    at this point we all know that Lian x Syber it's canon, Kami confirms it.

  • 1:46 Classic Kami ult

  • " I'm a man of few words , unless I'm recording, then I'm a man of never shutting up" -Kami

  • Anyone wanna play add me


  • Kami CC totems don't exist anymore…

  • When i go seris im pure Healing so i get around 120,000 heal and only 20,000 dmg

  • If only you had a Viktor or Androxus it would go perfect with those Seris ults

  • Press that Q when you're low godamnit

  • i still get mad for people playing lian, i mean she is just a cheap character and people who can play a bit decent will argue that your are trash cause you cant counter lian . i want her NERFED to the GROUND. she is the only champ who still has the burst Meta .

  • Play torvald

  • “1 Lian Tip vs Every Champion | Paladins | Ft. Siberbolt”