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FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE All Tifa and Cloud Flirting Scenes

Special thanks to Square Enix for the free and early copy of Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

Spoilers Ahead!

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  • We compiled all the flirting scenes from the 3 main girls (Tifa/Aerith/Jessie) in one video. We did miss one nice scene with Tifa in our first playthrough, which have remedied in the new video. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSZ7v8BC9vM

  • 42:47 Hug her… hug her.. hug her you stupid stoic money-loving sonuvabitch… YESSS.

  • 18:14

    Soulja boy ……… WHOO !

    jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman jumpman!

  • That “you okay?” sold it for me that first time I saw this scene. Like holy shit the way Cloud says it so softly/seductively while they’re just inches apart and getting lost in each other’s eyes is one of the best scenes.

  • Neir's 2B is hotter than Tifa.

  • Ben KBen K

    Author Reply

    20:07 ooohh ! Fuck ! Her voice is so sexy.

  • LucLuc

    Author Reply

    Cloud : But what if i could flirt with both

    Geralt of Rivia : remembers the consequences of flirting with Yennefer & Triss

  • Dude ive been shipping them for ages!!!!!!!!!!!im not even playing the game. When ive watched advent children and saw them together for the first time. I knew it.. they are..just…i dont know man. UwU

  • leenaleena

    Author Reply

    I guess my summer is worrying about this year's school year & watching plenty of Cloti videos XD
    Sorry if my comment shows 2 times in the comment section, idk why it does that .>.

  • Tifa in that blue dress tho!

  • Just f*** already. It's bad enough that they liked each other as kids and Cloud tried to join a super soldier program to make her like him. Let's not forget that he fought the strongest man in the world as a normal grunt just to save her. Now that they are back together after five years all he does is has flashbacks about ever little thing they ever did together. Oh and flirt with each other.

  • I say Tifa is definitely the one for Cloud here! He's just not himself right now in caring more about money, but Cloud's real self will soon be found again and then he might actually express his feelings for her.

  • Meanwhile at Square Enix headquarters

    Kitase: “How about we kill Tifa in the next game?”
    Nomura: wide eyed “Uhhhh, I dunno man…”
    Kitase: “Come on, nobody will see it coming…”
    Nomura: “……..”
    Kitase: “What’s the worst that can happen?”

    After game release

    News: “Local authorities are still investigating the disappearance of the Final Fantasy VII remake project leads Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura, according to sources they were last seen entering a “Tifa cosplay event”….”

    In an undisclosed basement similar to Pulp Fiction

    Kitase: Tied up and gagged
    Nomura: Tied up and gagged “MMMRGFFH (Told you it was a bad idea!)”

  • Cloud x tifa but wheres cloud x Aerith?

  • 12:04 I think cloud got to see something more….

  • this game is shamelessly shoving the ship in my face….


  • faberfaber

    Author Reply

    istg tifa and cloud is definitely endgame, aerith and cloud is more of a 'ive got a crush on u' happy cute relationship, but tifa and cloud has gone thru everything tgt its hard to believe that they wont end up tgt if the developers put so much thought into making them share pain and childhood.

  • 18:00 500 gil . Cloud got more money from farming randon monster on the street and doing side quests. But still want to stay around to help tifa

  • People still argue over who Cloud should be with and state references from other media like novels and guidebooks etc to support their arguments. All that matters for me is what's in the games and to me, it's very clear that it's Cloud and Tifa + Zack and Aerith.

    This is how it should be and I wish they would ditch the love triangle crap, it gets tiresome.

  • Tifa wearing her gear she's an E cup but at 12:50 suddenly she's a B or C cup..

    I've been believing lies my entire life!!!!!

  • Hai

  • Dude… why is Tifa speaking english?… I like subs not Dubs… :V

  • 30:36
    Favorite part hehehe

  • I just saw a ultra hot video where the Tifa lockhart cute
    See it here

  • Beautiful ….yeah Cloud (◕ᴥ◕)

  • I came here to see Cloud and Tifa flirt… I stayed for Barrett being a good dad.

  • Clerith fan : explains a lot about how cloud loves aerith and how she loves him too based on writer's words, the official novel, and scenes in the game

    Cloti fans : It was Zack's feelings….

    Me : OH MY F ING GOD !!! (Banging my head on the walls)