Game of Thrones: Season 1 – Top 10 Best scenes

Best moments from HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 1. The scenes are ranked due to their importance to the story, emotional impact and it’s ability to inspire awe. All credit from the clips goes to David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, the actors and the entire team behind the show.

The animation in the intro was done in Toon Boom Studio 8.0, the drawings was made there as well. Individual images was processed using Photoshop CS6 and the video was made using CyberLink PowerDirector 12.

10. 1:08 – Small pack of wolves
9. 4:21 – Khal Drogo vows to go west
8. 6:58 – Catelyn seizes Tyrion
7. 9:11 – Call the banners
6. 10:39 – Check mate
5. 14:12 – Victory
4. 15:30 – Execution
3. 20:32 – Kill them all
2. 22:31 – Mother of Dragons
1. 24:28 – King in the North


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  • Aquaman. Don't rape their women.

  • Season One was the best and most brutal season.

  • DenisDenis

    Author Reply

    Scene 8 is what truly makes all hell break loose. A foolish act by Catelyn that sets off a war lasting 8 seasons.

  • it is so heart warming to feel now when we listen to drogo's promise…. he couldnt fulfill it…but his name bearer Drogon did…. he gave the seven kingdoms to his khaleesi… in drogon's body

  • It used to be so exciting to watch this show.

  • Viserys death, Roberts death, Robert and Cerseis Talk about Lyanna, Tywins introduction, Alliser Thorne about the winter should be on the list

  • Season one is just a bunch of stark footmen getting speared through the chest.

  • People of 2010, I implore you: stop watching the show now! It does not end well!

  • When you watch this now after the show has finnished, im so f*cking glad Danarys f*cked them all

  • It's a shame that no stark killed a single lannister!

  • Nobody came to watch your intro dumb shit.

  • Don't bother with seasons 5-8. Just watch 1-4 again and again and wait for the books to finish. You'll thank me later.

  • Here after the very dissapointing season 8

  • Back when other people had a role, not just the main ones with the plot armour

  • 13:25 hahahahah

  • Fun fact : in the books robb is creeped out by Roose Bolton when he meets him after calling the banners

  • Fun fact in the books Ned and Jamie fight on horse back and neds horse freaks out. Some people suspect that the 3 eyed raven was behind that

  • Definitely need to re-watch this show season 1-4 the good ones.

  • Is complete fucking forgotten that Ned saw Arya and said “Baelor” to Yaren.

  • Your intro is a ticking minute long and that is dumb as fuck.