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After spending a week in Hanoi it was time to head north. We booked some cheap tickets on a sleeper bus and we had one hell of an experience! Yes, overall, it was a horrible experience. After this we tried hard to avoid any other sleeper buses. It could have been much worse, so we’re grateful it wasn’t. Have you had any crappy travel experiences??

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  • I ca understand where you're coming from. I mean me being full vietnamese, and going every year there, I'm used to the loud and confusing environment. But as for the bathroom, there's no bathroom in the bus. They have to stop at one point and let you guys out for food and bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • Your video trip is very good.I support you👍,I from indonesia

  • is there a toilet on the sleeping bus ?

  • Horrible??? This is luxury! Check out the Indian sleeper bus = 12 hours on a freezing shelf.

  • In any country sleeper bus concept is highly disappointing. It suits a minority who fall a sleep anywhere. Can’t have high expectations.

  • Was on these a couple of times in Asia, horrible experience. We once had a driver gunning it the whole way, everyone was falling off their seats every few minutes. He even kept flipping the lights on and off, was pretty convinced he didn't want any of us to sleep so he could check into his hotel as soon as he arrived. It's even worse when they pick up locals who sleep on the floor in between the seats, it makes for an awkward experience of getting off the bus to use the toilet. Usually the back seats are left for the locals, and typically they drop you off miles away from the destination city with like ten dudes outside waiting to scam tired passengers into a ridiculously priced ride to their hostel/hotel. Which I think is a deal they have with the driver. Just awful.

  • Hi there, I am visually impaired, and I am very familiar with those bust top bathrooms… Not easy, but when you’re in Vietnam, you just have to do it… The hospital where I used to live, was the same way… So imagine taking a urine sample with a squat toilet, and the bottle is very small to Ha ha ha like a Barbie sized.

  • You guy are right . Should avoid sleeper bus because they can get an accident easier

  • Try to ride a bus here in the Philippines, they're way better than those buses in Vietnam. Also bus crews here are hospitable

  • How much pay in dollar and how many hours

  • Next time you guys should take the train if it’s available there. The bus system in Vietnam is way too terrible and run by mafia. The locals even try to avoid bus

  • Don't take the sleeping bus like this. Now, in Vietnam have luxury sleeping bus with 20 beds like this, its more comfortable but its more expensive:

  • I have never had a better experience than by traveling in sleeper bus .. better than a car better than a plane … close my eyes open them 8 hours later on the destination .. can´t complain and felt full of energy … amazing!! Compare it to flight where after arrivel youfeel like shit …

  • D MD M

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    The guy renting the motorbikes is so proud of Mark it's adorable lol

  • US really like to destroy and nuke the other countries and then their citizens go to travel to those destinations and complain about the service and they don't really know what was the main reason why ?

  • just traveled all over vietnam last year, flew between the three major cities and taxied everywhere in the cities. not expensive, reliable and more comfortable

  • We did Hanoi to Hue in 13 hours on a sleeper a year ago – we had done some research and found the Sihn Tourist to be the most reputable travel firm online – we booked online, arrived at the office early and had a pretty faultless process getting to Hue – it did help that the bus was half full – sorry to see that your experience wasn't as positive!

  • I swear I wanted to say you kinda look like the guy in The Punisher in previous vlogs. But now you mention it, I must admit you look younger and better looking than that guy. 😀Can’t remember what his name is. I can’t wait for the 2nd season of The Punisher though.

  • I like stretchy pants better than leggings lmao!

  • That’s the adventure ! Hhahaha

  • The Perils of travel.
    I want to see Vietnam, but I don't want to go through a lot of the crap you guys are going through. I hope there's an alternative. But the Drone shot was really good at the beginning of the video.

  • That what you called bad service.

  • We were in Vietnam for Thanksgiving too so we totally understand how you guys felt! We made the best of it and spent the day pigging out on pho and seafood lol
    That bus ride tho! Kudos to you guys for enduring that!

  • When I landed in Hanoi in the middle of the night, I took the local bus from the airport to the old quarter. The bus stopped in some random eerie desolate street with nobody around and barely any lights and the driver told me to get off and turn the corner to get to the old quarter. That wasn't the case. My phone gps/data wasn't working and had no clue what to do at like 2am. Pretty sketchy. Eventually I bumped into someone who helped me find a taxi.

  • Yes this is the first time I see this kind of bus..bed in the bus??!wow😃😅

  • Yes this is the first time I see this kind of bus..bed in the bus??!wow😃😅