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Madara vs Shinobi Alliance – Madara Revived (English Sub)

Madara vs Shinobi Alliance Episode
Madara vs Shinobi Alliance Full Fight
Naruto Shippuden Episode 322

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  • What is the name of that blue monster that madara use pls tell ?

  • no one is talking about naruto is fighting madara using clone only 0_0

  • I like how no one talks about how the first guy ran there without a second thought😤😤

  • Madara is the best anime caracter👍👍👍👍

  • The 5 kage: we will win!
    Later: he's too powerful

  • 6:19 🤪

  • Hashirama : i better at throwing rock than you
    Madara : say no more

  • what's the song called when the second tsuchikage and Madara appeared at 0:31

  • LeviLevi

    Author Reply

    Wtf was Kabutos plan of having Itachi on the other side of the map? You had Itachi and Madara and chose to seperate your 2 most powerful reanimations? What a dumbass. If only we had Edo Itachi vs Edo Madara. Now that would be the greatest battle in anime

  • And some people think that Itachi or Obito can beat this guy…

  • Damn. Madara is really cool, he might've been my favourite character if not for his ideology

  • Madara wakes up and sees the 2nd Tsuchikage and goes; Huh. Never thought I’d see this guy again.

  • What's the outro song name

  • all uchiha are hot af…..

  • Pornhub: Zombie fucks entire Ninja Army.

  • Imagine Madara would had activate perfect Susanoo instantly right after he saw the army.

    The reaction would be like " Oh my gaaawwwd, its game over guys."

  • Madara is a fucking legend.

  • Imagine a protest and suddenly Madara appears

  • Alliance= beginner noobs*
    Kages & naruto= pros
    Madara= top 1 global god-like player

  • 1:53 I recognize this sound effect in dota2

  • Madara died intentionally because he didn't want to be the part of Boruto

  • america: stops the first coronavirus wave pretty well, opening things back up…
    coronavirus: 4:12

  • Thanos:i am innevitable

    Madara:so,u want to dance too?

  • Sharingans are Red and Rasengans are blue. If you don't like Naruto I'll chidori you.

  • Everybody we can do this hooray. …… madara Comes around we are dead 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • So was that naruto a clone?

  • The most grand anime battle i have ever seen

  • There has never been such a massacre of over 1000 individuals in any anime, where the enemy attacked and did not even fucking break a sweat.

  • Let’s just say this man is the definition of black Air Force ones in human form

  • Let’s just say this man is the definition of black Air Force ones in human form

  • ドラゴンボールと同じで祖に近いほど強いよね。

  • this isn't a fight its a massacre

  • Cheers for Temari. The first person to land a direct hit on Madara.

  • Later he revealed that he was holding back a-lot of power he was playing like good job ready for the next meteor……Madara is my favorite character

  • Sooo thats Dynasty Warriors Madara style

  • Woah… Miss those 4th war fights so much 😀


    Author Reply

    S class

  • https://youtu.be/TbJCIvFtiRU

  • Best villian but killed by a plot. Disappointed

  • Oo that’s must hert

  • The bravest man in anime history is the camera man

  • Boruto could beat madara with his little rasengan

  • Honestly i think 6path Madara can take any of the Boruto super powerd villains.


  • Hello i'm madara eating alliance shinobi in the new video youtube

  • Undead beautiful Mab anals army

    10,000,000 people: interesting