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Original Soundtrack of VirtuaVerse
A cyberpunk point-and-click adventure by Theta Division.

Published by Blood Music.

In a future not-so-far-away, one superior intelligence prevails above all other AI. Society is migrating to a permanently-integrated reality connected to a single neural network, continuously optimizing user experience by processing personal data.

An outsider, Nathan, makes a living off-the-grid as a smuggler of modded hardware and cracked software. Geared with a custom headset, he is among the few that can switch AVR off and see reality for what it truly is. Nathan shares an apartment with his girlfriend Jay, a talented AVR graffiti artist whose drones bit-spray techno-color all over the city’s augmented space.

One morning, Nathan wakes to an empty apartment and discovers a cryptic message on the bathroom mirror. Having accidentally broken his headset, Nathan is disconnected but determined to figure out what happened to Jay. He embarks on an unbelievable journey involving hacker groups and guilds of AVR technomancers.

Traversing the world, Nathan confronts hardware graveyards, digital archaeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery.

VirtuaVerse – 00:00-04:17
Dangerous Corp. – 04:17-11:31
Xenon – 11:31-14:53
Mag Police – 14:53-22:24
Permanent Reality – 22:24-29:54
Gigawarez – 29:54-35:00
Cracktro – 35:00-38:00
DDoS Attack – 38:00-41:37
Motördrone – 41:37-45:33
AVR Graffiti Writers – 45:33-53:00
Keygen Assault – 53:00-56:41
My Lorraine 500 – 56:41-01:03:39
Optimized User Experience – 01:03:39-01:07:53

Nguồn: https://pokemix.com/

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Âm Nhạc
Nếu em được lựa chọn [Remix 2016] – Lệ Quyên
Âm Nhạc
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Âm Nhạc
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  • Dangerous Corp is a great track, like it really made me feel something ! I loved it.

  • Очень круто. Ждем ещё 😎😁👍

  • Зашибись!!!

  • also you straight

  • you versus verbalase

  • Who would dislike this? SHOW YOURSELF COWARD

  • 'Optimized User Experience' is a real thumper with some chainsawing fuzzy goodness! Great closing track! 😀

  • крутотень!

  • Next album's one music name idea:



  • Pretty neat, can you do the sunset riders theme(or The lost vikings)? Awesome work.

  • Relatable.

  • ah, yet another faceless retrowave. I hope youtube won't recommend it again
    I can describe half of tracks: kick-snare-kick-snare + random arpeggio

  • badass

  • Wish you all the success!
    I thought IP was badass, and this is still decent. Personally, I prefer the matrix meets christraping classical soundscape over the video game feel. Thanks for your hard work and talent. Have a great day!

  • were is albums on soundcloud !? -_-

  • just clocked virtuaverse. fucking sick game, especially if you're familiar with pre/early-internet tech, video games, and the 'underground'. well done MBR & team. ps: i torrented it


  • No idea yet about the game it comes from, but really loving this music

  • One guy…one fucking guy had to thumbs down. I think he/she needs a hug.

  • Felicidades hermano