Part 1 (SEASON of HEROES) Buying the POOL PASS and Taking it to LEVEL MAX – 8 ball pool – Venice 75M

Part 1 – (SEASON of HEROES) Buying the POOL PASS and Taking it to LEVEL MAX – 8 ball pool – Venice 75M

Hello K’s Family:
Today in this video I am buying the new Pool Pass (SEASON of HEROES) introduced by Miniclip. It’s price is $4.99, 399INR or 600PKR. I purchased this and took to the Level Max, For taking it to level max you need Points which you can get through playing games or daily missions, I played a lot Venice games to get it. In between there is a lot of epic game-play and trick-shots, hope you guys will Enjoy the Video, If you like it then Please Leave a Like,Share this video and Don’t Forget to Subscribe.
As Game play was about 5+ hours so I am just adding its highlights, even its highlights are bigger than 20 Mins so I decided to compile them in 2 parts. This is 1st and you can watch the 2nd Part Here: LINK: Coming Soon

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1- CARTOON – Howling (Ft. Asena) [NCS Release]
2- Intro – Elektronomia Vision
3- BVRNOUT – Take It Easy (feat. Mia Vaile) NCS Release
4- Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange – LOVE ME [NCS Release]
5- Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) [NCS Release]
6- Ikson – Skyline (Vlog No Copyright Music)


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