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Sideload Launcher Killer for AndroidTVs – TCL C2 Smart TV

Sideload Launcher Killer for AndroidTVs – TCL C2 Smart TV


Regardless of which method you’ll end up using, the first steps are always the same. You need to enable your Android TV to accept app installs from outside Play Store and install a couple of handy apps. Here’s what you need to do:
Install Sideload Launcher – Android TV from Google Play Store on your Android TV. This will let you run the apps you will end up sideloading. Download it from here.Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store on your Android TV. You can use another file manager, but I highly recommend you stick with ES File Explorer as it has an FTP option that will make things a lot easier for you.

Method 1: Installing an app via computer browser

This method is not guaranteed to work with all apps, but since it’s the easiest out of the bunch I decided to feature it first. We are going to use a desktop web browser, but if you don’t have a computer at the ready, you can access the web version of Google Play Store from another Android device. You can do this easily in Chrome by expanding the settings menu and tapping on Show desktop version.

Open up any web browser from your computer and visit Google Play Store.Search for the app you want to sideload and click the Install button.If you’re not logged in with your Google account, you will be prompted to insert your credentials at this point.You should see a list with all the devices associated with your Google account. Click on your Android TV or Android TV box.
On your Android TV, access the Settings menu.Once you’re in Settings, make your way to the Personal tab and access Security & restrictions (Security).
Note: The exact location of Unknown Sourcesmay vary from device to device.Make sure Unknown sources is enabled.

No more need for a sideload launcher to opeb hidden apps on your androidtv.
As we know any non android tv app gets hidden after installation on an android tv, for that we used Sideload Launcher in the past,Now we have a new app.Which is big
Watch the video for more info.
Sideloading typically refers to media file transfer to a mobile device via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi or by writing to a memory card for insertion into the mobile device. … When referring to Android apps, “sideloading” typically means installing an application package in APK format onto an Android device.
Android TV requires existing apps to be updated and declare themselves compatible before they’re installable from the Play store. … A simple app that shows you the normal app launcher icons that a phone or tablet would show you, but which are hidden on Android TV, allowing you to launch any sideloaded app!
Slowly but surely, the Android OS is taking over the world. After smartphones, the open source operating system arrived on smart TVs in 2014. After three long years, the adoption rate of Android TV is certainly slower than Google initially expected.
Once the following message is displayed, wait a while before returning to your Android TV.
Fortunately, major players like Nvidia and Xiaomi started manufacturing boxes capable of adding the functionality of Android TV on a standard TV. These things cost well under $100 and are capable of streaming 4K HDR videos on a compatible TV. Even if Android TV is now making its way on a lot of TVs, the OS still has one major drawback that has been hindering the adoption rate for years – Google Play Store doesn’t have enough compatible apps for Android TV.

But fear not my fellow droid heads, it’s Android we’re talking about. With Android, there’s always a walkaround, and this situation is no different. Even if the app you’re searching for is not available for Android TV yet, you can still run it on your Android TV- you just need to sideload it.

Sideloading an app is a term that refers to installing an application that isn’t accessible through the normal channels (Google Play Store). Sideloading is pretty straightforward on Android smartphones and tablets, but things are a little more complicated on Android TV.

In an attempt to make the whole process as easy as possible, we have created a master guide of methods that will enable you to sideload apps to your Android TV. The end result will be the same, so feel free to use whatever method seems more accessible.

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  • Thanks for sharing this cool tip with us. I also have something to share with you guys. As you know, ES File Explorer is everyone's favorite tool for some time. Now, it is no longer available on Google Play Store. Yet, Android 8 and 9 do not allow users to sideload stuffs from USB flash drive. It will give you a tough time when you like to transfer APKs from your buddies and that was exactly what happened to me and my cousin a few days ago. We then tried to look for some alternative like APK installer on Google Play Store and finally we found "MI Box APK Installer". Since it's got the keyword in its name, we just gave it a try. It turned out to be working just fine. Maybe it will help you too.


  • Jo apps app k display pe show ho rhe hai woh kaha se download ki hai or kesse—- ?

  • AOA—- Prime video amazon TCL C2 per instal nhe ho rhe