The Debate Behind Video Game Violence

Today, 65% of American adults and nearly all teenagers play video games. In 2018, the industry made more than $136 billion. Games look more real than ever, showing incredibly detailed violence. What do we actually know about how violent games affect us? Psychologists have been studying this for decades, but some are convinced that those who link violent games to aggression are completely wrong. Watch the video to find out why researchers disagree so strongly, and how we got here.

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The Debate Behind Video Game Violence


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  • I have a question
    If video games are making kids violent
    Why am I still easy to beat the crap out of

  • According to boomers if I start playing Pac-Man I’m going to eat children

  • Anyone who agrees with this video is an idiot, stop blaming games and do something about bullying or something.

  • popularizing mass shootings through the media is what causes more people to cross that line. In 2018, it became a 'trend' in the news, in 2019 it became something almost to be expected. in 2020 now that the corona virus outbreak occurred there is absolutely 0 news about mass shootings or school shootings, and that might be because the schools are closed so kids dont have anyone to shoot at now, or it could be that those mass shooters were influenced by the media.

  • No

  • “Violent game” shows minecraft

  • Wars been made years ago before vedeogames , gun inventions are still growing , oh and melitaries need guns ammunition jets ships , same story as a vedeogame.. Welcome to earth. Good and evil.

  • Hillary Clinton hates videogames too Democrat’s and republicans hate Video games

  • Back in the 30s do comics or cartoons cause violence

  • do people still believe this? i thought this ended in like mid 2019

  • Sure ban video games but not assault rifles.

  • RockRock

    Author Reply


  • We had play minecraft.

    Idiot playing minecraft gives you zero combat training otherwise everyone will be in the army 😂😂. Even the kids knew the gun is empty.

  • LucasLucas

    Author Reply

    red dead redemption 2, your rewarded for being honorable and only killing bad people. You are rewarded for being an honorable person

  • Who saw Minecraft Steve with a gun

  • Walmart will remove violent video game ads, but keep actual guns

  • it's, David Duchovny, From, The X-Files, 1993

  • Chris Fergason = #1 Shrill

  • The 10% of Teens who don't play video games:😇😞🤓

    The rest who play video games:😇☺😎

  • Qdub6Qdub6

    Author Reply

    It really comes down to the state of the mind. Video games inspire violence no more than violent books or tv shows do. And even a font does inspire violence, it’s a very VERY small proportion of gamers that actually act out on it.

  • People say video games are violent and yet we had 2 of some of the most deadly wars our planet as seen yet way before video games existed and then the torture methods back in medieval times (the iron maiden the brazen bull the head crusher or the big giant poll that's shoved up someone's a$& and comes out their mouth)

  • I'm pretty sure if you gave the kid, who was about to shoot up a school, an awesome video game to play, he'd rather stay at home and play said game

  • Ok booooooooooooomer

  • 33

    Author Reply

    The ESRB and PEGI ratings are long overdue for an update (and not because of violence like the media says)

  • I love how he says small but vocal for people who don't believe video games cause violence even though every time I search on Google there is only one article for every 10 that say video games cause violence