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TRIP REPORT | Vietnam Airlines (ECONOMY) | Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City | Boeing 787-9

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video was recorded before the coronavirus pandemic outbroke. Please avoid going outside or travel during this time, wearing masks if you have to go out; doing social distancing properly; protect yourself, and following the instructions from the authorities. Stay safe 😀

Airline: Vietnam Airlines
Flight: VN259
Aircraft: VN-A861
From: Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
To: Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)
Flight Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
My seat: 24A

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  • Mind blowing ! my favourite aircraft dreamliner B787 , i like to fly with Dreamliner 🙂

  • The AVOD Controller is FOR The ife its called remoute control

  • The personal screen is called ife

  • Well done! I enjoyed this, it seem like the trip felt so relaxing. Such a treat to be on a 787 on a short haul flight.

  • Very nice! You get 787s on domestic.. that’s just unfair! 😂

  • Sắp tới cũng đi SGN ✈️ HAN, hi vọng được "quả" B787-10 =))

  • The interior looks so nice! Great video

  • Awesome report my friend! I never thought a 787 would be boarded by stairs! haha.

  • Thumbs up 👍🏻! Next time I go to Asia I want to try Vietnam Airlines!

  • Great video! I really like VN 787, looks really modern. I wish we in Europe have more long haul planes on short haul flights…

  • Great! A wide body domestic flight (and what a wide-body!!!) Does Vietnam AL often operate HAN-SGN with a 789? Greetings!

  • Sao k nói vào video luôn mà phải ghi phụ đề vậy ạ
    Ghi phụ đề xem ko hấp dẫn

  • awesome video. IFE is cool for a short flight, but I don't think it will help me to kill time in long flights

  • Góp ý vs bạn, cách đặt sub tiếng Anh bị trùng với chỗ hiện sub của youtube nên khi xem sub Việt rất khó chịu. Bạn nên cho sub tiếng Anh vào youtube luôn và bỏ sub trên video, sẽ dễ xem hơn.

  • Great video! Every time when I see boarding or disembarking wide-bodies by bus, it looks weird 😀 I don't know why the airlines (or handling companies) doing it.. But it's always great to fly short routes on wide-body!

  • Nice trip report. I've been wishing to fly on Vietnam airlines before!

  • Fantastic report! Great coverage and view as always 👍

  • @4:27 definitely an easy spot for someone to accidentally control the IFE or press the crew call button :/
    Great review as always! 🙂

  • cái này quay trc hay sau khi giãn cách vậy

  • Fantastic vid! Wide body aircraft like the 787 make short flights sooo much better. I think the cherry ontop for your vid today was the outside boarding and deplaning views. Absolutely gorgeous shots!

  • Great seat. 787s have beautiful wings and I love seeing them flex.

  • why you don't book a flight at mealtime (like 6:30–8:30, 12:00–13:00, 17:30-1930)? VN have bad snack service. It kidda plain and dry. And they serve Coke, which is bad if you are in a low-sugar diet. Sometime i feel like VN is airlines of RedHead.