What You NEED TO KNOW about buying CHEAP CD Keys

Are Third Party CD Key Resellers really as bad as some think? Today we take a look at some of the realisations of what really happens when it comes to keys that are distributed around the world.

Here is an article we thought was amazing while researching this topic:

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Music Provided by either: monstercat, chukibeats, epidemicsound, vlognocopyright or bassrebels


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  • Hey guys, I searched "euro symbol" to copy paste and the pound symbol came up first. I didn't know the difference. My bad!

    Also the Bethesda deal was going on when Bryan was in Vietnam. It seems to be sold out now, but call your local store just in case.

  • My problem with cd keys and these sellers is not game keys but windows and office. And that's because in my work (education sector) we get access to Microsoft volume license keys for windows and office. The local education providers use 1 key for 1000s of windows or office activations, and very frequently I can't find a working key to use for our work PCs because someone else is selling those keys…

  • is this a scam?


  • I want to buy watch dogs 2 on this eneba site for 7$ is it trustworthy ENEBA?

  • There are two worlds we live in. The RICH AND THE POOR.. So in a fair argument I believe everyone should have their fair share in life.. Yes, if game CD keys or other software keys being cheaper than actual retail price in stores/online why not. I do not see this as an issue .. In fact its called being humble to the masses.

  • fick dich

  • How would you know if you had accidently bought a stolen key? upon activating it would you get a notification?

  • so should i buy PVZ GW 2 from this website?


  • got scammed by a seller in g2a, never got my refund.

  • Do you have subs from SA ?!

  • Same dim-wits who moan about people buying cheap keys are running $10 copies of Win 10

  • -50% with this link

  • Is eneba a trusted site?

  • Got agents of mayhem from Kinguin £1.30 lmfao. On steam £29.99 deal!!!!.

  • This is euro € not pound £

  • Tbh cdkeys has saved me like over 60 bucks it’s beautiful

  • ENEBA are scamers, never been refound because of unavailable key. Same for 50% of the reviews. My friends have been scamed as well. Don’t buy on this website

  • i've always used CD keys, G2A & GOG

  • If any1 need games like rust rainbow six siege etc for way cheaper price join my discord

  • Is it safe?Does it work on the long run or will Microsoft detect if it is wrong? Kinguin or other place to buy?

  • yes buy from this link its way cheaper

  • i'm actually scared about getting banned on the switch for buying a 50 dollar cd key that they usually sell for 60 dollars on the eshop

  • Lol I just bought my win 10 pro license for about $5, what you are talking about dude? Try here don't be stupid to buy the same thing for $100 …:

  • RowdoRowdo

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    My opinion: Buy from kinguin, from sellers with minimum negatives

  • D DD D

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    that case joke LUL

  • Idk but I bought a retail 10 PRO license for around $5 from .. First I thought it's a scam but after payment I got the code instantly to my mail and no problems with activation. I consider to buy an Antivirus from them as well..

  • when you buy a physical game how do you obtain a code from it to sell online?

  • Is eneba a scam

  • VitoVito

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    i got scammed 🙁

  • I brought a game key about 3 hours ago and I only received the email saying that I had paid for it with the details about the sender and pay pay etc. It is ment to usually take about an hour but I haven’t received anymore emails. This is my first buy so I understood that it would take a while but I’m getting kinda worried now

  • Have game keys to sell.
    If interested pls reply for necessary info

  • I'm pro, and when I have to buy a windows license I go to, I'm always happy with my purchases

  • Is Eneba legit??

  • js cd key dont buy no helpdesk

  • Could I have bought a red dead 2 digital code for Rockstar and it is fake, or hacked? I didn't understand
    please help me, I'm stressed out that I bought a game hack code or something …

  • is real

  • SawseSawse

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    Is it possible for steam to take the game away from you if you buy from cdkeys

  • Check bit. ly/2KNOo1o now if you want a cheap genuine key, been using mine for a while with no issues.

  • best site